Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wabbits and a Wazy Homeowner

20131128 007
I know I have noticed more rabbits each of the past few years, but what the hell?  We got our first snow cover early this week and in just a couple days it seems that there was some kind of Bunny Hop in the back yard.  Seriously, how many can there really be?

I wanted to take a picture but I didn't want to get caught and have to explain myself - but I swear there are bunny tracks on my neighbor's garage roof!

Speaking of roofs, I have not cleaned the leaves out of the gutters yet.  I don't think they're as filled as they have been in the past thanks to some very windy stretches, yet it has still been foremost in my mind.  But something always seemed to come up.  First it was that all the leaves weren't down yet.  (Our big ole silver maple seems to hold its leaves longer than the other nearby trees.)  Then, this day coming up should be good - and it rains - or snows.  Only fifteen minutes of daylight when we get home from work.  Oops, too much drink during the football game.  I can't today, my back is killing me....  You name it.  Now it appears time to do it, if it is to get done at all before spring.  We have a couple relatively good days ahead, and it shall get done.  The house is the priority, the porch gutters may wait until spring if necessary, but there is no heat on the porch therefore no melting out there.


delcatto said...

Wow, snow already!
It's a shame the rabbits can't be trained to clear the gutters... a juicy carrot on a string to tempt them along.

Scoakat said...

The snow is mostly melted now, up next is a deep freeze starting later this week.

Oh, and the gutters got done on Saturday! Now if only I had seen a few of those rabbits when I was up there pulling those chunks of leafy ice out.