Sunday, November 17, 2013

This And Thats

I have been rather preoccupied by work and life recently so I haven't been doing a whole lot of writing here.  I do make an effort to post something occasionally, even if I have nothing to say.  But eventually I feel I must write, so I guess that means it's time again to start typing and see what happens...

-I am in training again at work.  This position is two pay grades higher, but stability and happiness would mean more to me.  Maybe this will be it for a while.

-For the first time ever we are planning a winter getaway for a few days, down to the gulf coast of Alabama thanks to my Mom and her husband Dan.  They will be spending quite some time down there over the winter and have been nice enough to invite all their kids and their families to join them at some point.  Ahhh, escape...

-We're still loving the new windows.  We really like how efficient they will be this winter, and they give the house a much better look, inside and out (see two posts ago).

-Fall chores are almost done.  Leaves have been mulched and put in all the flower beds.  The few leaves left on the lawn I will mulch with the mower when I run that out of gas for the winter.  The house is washed but could use a touch up here and there.  The gutters have yet to be cleaned, hopefully we'll have a dry, mild day next weekend.  And I may want to test the snow thrower soon.

-It's getting to be a good time of year for sports.  Football is still in full swing, hockey and basketball seasons are getting started, and the never-ending baseball season is over!  Who won?  Who cares, it sure as hell wasn't the Brewers.  Go Packers!  Go Badgers!

Well, that's all I can think of right now.  Maybe I'll update later if I think of something else.  For now, I have the La-Z-Boy, a football game and the Sunday paper beckoning.  PTFO

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