Saturday, August 31, 2013

Branching Out

20130830 002Early in the week we noticed that a branch had broken off one of neighbor Dave's black walnut trees and had gotten hung up on the telephone wire that runs along the property line in the back yards.  We minded our own, and I hadn't seen Dave out to talk to him, but last night he came over to tell us of his futility in trying to get a hold of someone from the phone company and asked for my help.  So, of course, I helped him out.

This morning before the Badger game we got out there and got it down safely.  He had a long pruning saw which I used to cut off the branch a few inches to the right of the wire, as seen in the picture.  After that, all it took was a little twisting and I got it to come down without damaging anything.

I wasn't sure exactly how it would turn out, but it couldn't have gone better.  And now I have some more cheap firewood for next year!

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