Thursday, August 8, 2013

1912 Eighth Grade Exam

Well, this is different than what I usually do, but I was moved to post it anyway.

Just imagine what this world would be if everyone, especially here in the U.S., still had to pass a test like this.  I might have failed even as a senior in high school.  What does this say about the direction of our schools and educational standards?  Well, it's actually embarrassing to me and should be to us all - and I think I had a pretty good education, at least through grade school.  Granted, this was over one hundred years ago, but so what?

Kind of underscores the meaning of all those little things back then that you thought you'd never use again.  You may not use those exact equations again, but it trains your growing brain, the one and only one you will ever have.

Stay in school, kids.  Parents, how would your kids do?

Full article here.  Thanks Jonco!

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