Friday, August 16, 2013

Braining The Training

Happy Friday, everyone!  I haven't been around here much lately because I have been tired, in the brain.  I am in training at work, the most intensive training I have had in a long time, but I am hoping this will greatly help me in the future.  It is almost all on computer and I do not have any access yet so I have been mostly sitting with my supervisor getting everything but the kitchen sink thrown at me.  Actually, though she is trying to teach me a lot all at once, she is very nice, patient and I am learning a lot from her.  I'm not overwhelmed with the work she wants me to be able to do - I know I'll get it down eventually - but I am concerned about just how high her hopes are for me.  The higher the hopes the more pressure I'll feel.  After all, I'm a former construction and lumberyard guy and she's teaching me  the 'brainiac' stuff, her term not mine.

It has been quite a change but, like I said, I hope this can really help me in the future.  I keep mentioning that because this promotion is possibly temporary before I will be promoted again to go to a less desirable position.  At least I have a good job now, but who knows?  There has been much change at work recently so anything can happen, and I hope it does.

That is more writing about work than I have ever done or should ever do, so on a different note:
                   Is this not the saddest kitty pic ever?



Mom said...

You can do it! Remember when computers first came out, you spent hours learning how to program them and you loved it!!
Love you!

Scoakat said...

Thanks, I'm getting along okay, but it has only been a fortnight. It would be going even better if I would finally get the access to everything that I need.