Friday, July 5, 2013

The Story Of The First Raspberry

This is the story of Kate's first raspberry from the garden, captured in pictures on Wednesday evening.  This all happened in easily less than a minute.

First, here is my lovely wife showing off the first berry.  Notice the dark spot under her palm.
20130704 001

Now, here is a close-up of the lightning bug first raspberry in her hand.
20130704 002

The raspberry after the "There's a bug on my hand!" freak out. Straight down, center.
20130704 003

And the remorse of dropping your first homegrown raspberry to the ground after showing it off.
20130704 004

Of course, the raspberry was washed and enjoyed by her in the end.  It was just so funny how it happened and I kept snapping away, taking pictures.  We had a pretty good laugh about it. Posted with my wife's permission, of course.

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Kel said...

LOL, too funny!