Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pruning, Trimming and Learning

cr la 20130714 002cr lc 20130714 006I've had to research the topic of pruning and trimming lately.  I've done some since we moved in, but not as much as I have this year.  While I think I'm managing the lilac bush pretty well, and the already overgrown burning bush is going to be a work in progress for a few years if it going to stay, the bushes out front, arborvitae, are different.  From what I have learned after searches on the internet, late June to early July is the time to prune - remove branches, and trim - even out the ends of the branches, for this type of bush.  Sounds easy, but to do it right for the look you want then you have to know how to go about doing that, and I didn't know.

These bushes get pummeled with snow and beat down every winter,  then take months to recover with a little of my help.  I've been thinking of different preventative things I can do to lessen that next season.  In the springs I have tied them back up into a bush shape, and they were tied with nylons when we bought the house.  The support helps them, I guess, because I removed all ties in the plants before I trimmed and pruned today.  The 'after' shots in this post are all natural, nothing is tied.
cr ra 20130714 001cr rc 20130714 007
This is the project that I did today, and while I think it looks a lot better than before, they could look better.  Trimming is the easy part, the necessary pruning is a little harder.  Dead branches are easy to spot and prune, it is harder to cut off a live branch to thin out the plant and hope you don't accidentally leave a gaping hole.  From what I learned, the inside of the plant should be able to get some sun and air.  You're supposed to be able to see through the bush somewhat.

I'll probably touch up a spot here and there over the next few days as the plants settle, but I think they are done for now.  I'm sure I could have pruned more but I was afraid of over pruning these shrubs in front of our house, unlike when I pruned the burning bush in the back, anyway.

I know, fascinating, right?


Mom said...

Great job trimming! I know a house that needs some of this done at.

Scoakat said...

I see a house like that every day. Trimming is underdone on the average property, I would say.