Thursday, July 11, 2013

Holiday and Party Last Week

It has been a bit of an odd week, ending on an odd note that I may post about later.  Temperatures have been very warm to very hot and humid, though the humidity broke yesterday for some relief.  Work has been busy, still playing catch-up a bit from the holiday last week.  And speaking of catch-up and the holiday, I have been too lazy about posting, but the 'diary writer' in me is making me post these now.

20130704 050b

We spent the afternoon of the Fourth out on a friends boat, above.  It was a beautiful day for it so there were tons of boats in the 'party cove,' only a fraction that you can see here.  While it was fun it only stays fun sitting there for a couple hours then I'm ready to go in, and I was ready by the time they were.  It's kind of weird how just sitting on a boat in the sun can tire one out.

Two days later, last Saturday night, we had friends over for a fire pit party.  Just for the heck of it - and also to try to get rid of some of the beers and boozes that have been accumulating around here lately.  I'd say it was mostly a success, but there are still leftovers for the next one!  We are now mostly out of firewood until more branches fall or I buy some.  I see fallen branches put out along the streets all the time, I may start snagging some of them for firewood.  The mosquitoes were horrendous this evening, too, but became manageable with repellants and yard spray.  Everyone seemed to have fun, I know I did by how bad I felt the next day, but it was nice to stay in bed until noon!  I can't remember the last time that happened..  PTFO

20130706 026b

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