Thursday, January 24, 2013

Laid Off.... Wait, What?

Due to the loss of contracts, layoffs have been impending at my place of work.  It has been a tense, somber couple of weeks at work watching friends and co-workers get picked off one by one.  Many people in the company have been escorted out on the same day, some have a date when their position is eliminated and yet others have been offered lower positions and the lower pay that goes with it.

I had hoped I was safe, but I finally got the call into the office late yesterday.  My position will be eliminated this fall.  The surprise is that I will not be out of work, in fact, I will be getting a raise and a promotion to move to a different, if less desireable, department (pending two tests I have to take that I should pass easily - knock wood).  Well now, I certainly did not expect that!

Actually, I am not very pleased.  Oh, I'm happy that I'm not out the door and have to look for another job, but I was happier in my present department, with the work and the people, than I have been in a long time.  And now things will be different.  I must be doing very well for them to want to keep me, as my wife says, yet it is still upsetting for me.  I'm not just sad for myself losing the great situation that I'm in now, I'm sad for all these people that I know and care about losing their jobs or having to accept demotions.  I will still be with the company at a higher level and with more pay, and after being in the new job for six months I can start applying for other positions that open up that better suit me.  Meanwhile other good, hard working people will have to start all over again and I think that sucks.



Mom said...

Wow, so glad you did not get laid off. A promotion and more money?!!? Wow, Wow! They know you are a good worker! Maybe the raise will help until a position you would like opens up for you. Hang in there!

delcatto said...

I'd say congratulations... damn it, yes. Congrats! You must be doing something right and management have seen the potential in you.

Scoakat said...

Thank you. Being in a union, most of the layoffs have been by seniority, however I have not heard of anyone else getting a raise or promotion out of this. This may be a delicate situation when dealing with my co-workers who are on their way down or out.
I still have to pass the tests, though. I hope I didn't jinx myself by posting too soon.