Monday, July 11, 2011

Biding Time 'Til Surgery

It has been a week since I posted.  It is still a week until I have surgery.  I have been off work, biding my time as comfortably as I can manage.  I can still get around the house with my cane, but I only do short trips and try to plan them well.  Our electric bill will be larger with me home all day with the air conditioning and computer on.  The cat has not taken to my company all day every day and spends much of the day under the bed, though I did almost walk in on her at her food dish in the kitchen this morning.  I quickly turned and left as not to disturb one of her few ventures out.  She is getting quite old now, old enough for my wife to be concerned about her, um, input and output.  I seem to have less pain and more numbness and tingling now which allowed me to stop taking percocet.  I had been on it every day since sometime in March, which couldn't be good, and I felt like hell for several days after stopping.  I had no appetite whatsoever, no energy, and found myself in quite a funk.  I feel better now, I still take 2 oxycontin each day, but I've only had those for about 2 weeks now.  When I was taking both I had more pain but it only helped so much so I stopped taking everything one day.  One thing I was disappointed with was that after 3 days of barely any food and I still weigh the same.  I almost look forward to getting back on the exercise bike.  I have been smoking clove cigars for a few weeks now.  I have felt stressed yet I do not want to become addicted to nicotine again so I found a 'cheat' that I must make sure is temporary.  I use it as an excuse to get outside and stare at our yard.  It breaks up the day.  Well, this is it for now.  No real 'proper' type of post, just ramblings and thoughts.  I'm bored, and facing yet another surgery really sucks.  That about sums it up.

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