Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bacon Cupcakes

I've been up to a whole lot of nothing lately.  I'm feeling better, I'm able to stagger around without the cane now, but I can't exercise yet and still take things very careful.  My day consists of staying out of my wife's way in the morning, showering, then watching TMOS (live podcast around 10:00am every day here).  After that it is mostly just a series of naps in the afternoon.

Jerome, eating his bacon cupcake!  Mmmm.
One thing that did happen over the weekend, Jerome and Lisa came over and grilled steaks on Saturday (and brought bacon cupcakes for dessert!). Because of all my medical stuff we haven't entertained this summer like we usually do, so it was nice to be social again even though I was drugged up and didn't move a lot. I've since mostly stopped taking the pain meds and muscle relaxers. I got tired of being foggy all the time. It sounds like we're going out to eat Saturday night and my Dad wants to see me for lunch on Thursday. I don't know what that is about yet, but there must be a reason. So, anyway, I am slowly trying to return to the land of the living. But until then it may continue to be slow around here. Bye for now.

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