Friday, April 1, 2011

Post-Surgery Notes

Me during surgery
 I survived!  The surgery seems to have been a success.  We had to be at the hospital by 5am to check in for the 8am surgery on Wednesday morning.  All went as expected beforehand, and probably as should be expected afterward.  I see a trend after surgery as me being one grumpy old cuss!  I hear the surgery took almost 3 hours.  The doctor told my wife that the disc herniation was much worse than the previous MRIs had shown, which doesn't surprise me.  In fact, it would explain the sudden recurrence of symptoms last week.  They took 3 x-rays during the surgery and they showed me them yesterday.  Unfortunately you can't see much of anything because my shoulder is in the way so it may be until my next x-rays for this (I think in 12 weeks) before I can actually see the implant.

Mom, putting up with me.
 My first memories after surgery are at about 1:00 in the afternoon but all I did was listen to my ipod and snooze as best I could until about 4:00.  Then when I saw a nurse I asked her to show in my mother.  I knew she was there, but I still don't really understand why.  All I hear is that it's a 'mom' thing.  She drove 2 hours to wait 8 hours, see me at my worst briefly, then was on her way.  When I'm in pain I'm ugly and when my Mom is around I can turn back into that angry, rude teenager that I hate, not a good combination.  I'm not proud of my behavior at those times yet it still happens.

Kate, doing the same.
 My wife stayed with me until about 7pm, then she went home while I ate jello, watched crappy television and wished I could sleep until it was time to leave.  She managed to get a few hours of work in on Wednesday afternoon after the surgery, but on Thursday she had just gotten to work when I called her to pick me up.  That may have been a bit premature since the hospital has their own pace, but we did get out of there eventually then she had to go back to work after dropping me at home.  I was an impatient bear trying to get out of there.  Looking back, I last had pain pills at 4:45 that morning so that may explain some of my anxiousness, even rudeness, while awaiting discharge.  Sorry I can be an ass, everybody, but I do thank you for your well wishes!

I'm just glad it is done.  No more constant pain, it really does mess with your head.  I hope I'm done with all this medical stuff for a while now and can just live, be happy and not have to worry about meds and appointments and all that jazz.  That time may come around by July.  Cross your fingers for me!

Now, to end on an up-note, here's my view from the hospital room window.  (There's no snow but no green yet, either.)  On the left is Lake Wingra and to the right is Henry Vilas Zoo, one of Madison's treasures that we take for granted.  We'll have to try and take some nieces and nephews there for a day this summer!


Mom said...

Neither of us wants to relive those teenage years! LOL. Nice blog. Love you! I am so glad your constant pain is gone! Hope this is the last and you are all fixed!!

Anonymous said...

glad all went well, as well as it can be i mean!

Scoakat said...

Thank you both. I'm really looking forward to normalcy for a change.

Kel said...

I bet you can't wait to feel "normal" again! So glad everything went well and hopefully you will be pain free soon.

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Kel. I feel better already!