Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy 2nd Blogday To Me

It was 2 years ago today I got drunk and started this blog.  It's gone by quick!  I haven't gotten worldwide acclaim, stopped any wars or made the world much of a better place at all.  But I have given myself a kind of outlet for what goes on in my head and in my life while allowing others to look if they want -or not.  I choose not to do the facebook thing, although I may be more 'popular' if I did, I hear of too many bad things that have come from there.  It sucks out peoples souls!  Seriously, I enjoy doing what I do here and here's to many more years!

I still feel like I should be cleared on Wednesday to return to work on Thursday.  I hope I'm feeling better then, physically and emotionally.  My neck gives me no pain anymore, just some discomfort.  I haven't spent any time this past week on the exercise bike or doing anything for my leg.  The day after my surgery I was convinced that when I go back to work it will be sans cane.  Now, since I've had to sleep on my back so much the past couple weeks, my lower back is giving me trouble again making walking that much harder.  It also has had an effect on my psyche.  It seems as soon as one source of pain shows signs of getting better another steps in to knock me back down.  The only reason I got out of bed this morning is because I really needed a shower.  I stunk myself out of bed or else I would probably still be there.

Well, life is like a roller coaster.  It has it's ups and downs and sometimes the track fails and you go flying out into space before crashing to the ground.  Yes, I'm a bit depressed but this too shall pass...


delcatto said...

Happy Blogday!
You're right in that it will pass. Just take things steadily and slowly.

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Del. It's always nice to hear someone else say it so I can believe it too. Things are on the up, I'll post some on it later today.