Saturday, January 23, 2010


A while ago I had posted about how I had started on the patch -again- to try to quit -again. That didn't work out as well as it did last time. Almost 18 months ago I quit for 5 months using the patch. Now, the patch has helped get me down to 5-8 cigarettes a day, but no further.

So now I'm trying Chantex. I started the starter kit last Sunday. Tomorrow I start on the regular dose, morning and evening. So far I have still smoked some, but I can feel the effects of smoking diminishing. I expect to have no need to smoke this week. If I do, I'll get no rush of nicotine, just a bad taste and guilt I suppose.

So the main challenge is changing my habits. At home is easier than at work. I don't like to go to the cafeteria during lunch, and I'm not allowed to stay at my desk. But if I go to my truck like I usually do, well, things may happen. So starting Monday I will have to suck it up and sit in the lunchroom. I will make sure I have plenty of newspaper to read and wear my headphones. If it gets up near freezing or better I will be walking around the campus most breaks, like I did before winter. I'm sure I could use the exercise!


Kelly said...

You can do it!!!

Mom said...

Good for you. Just take it one day at a time. I know you can do it!