Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Wife's Birthday

My wife's birthday is coming up (Tuesday) so we have been celebrating it this weekend. Last night we met several friends after work for drinks and food at a nearby tavern. It was alot of fun. We don't really go out much, especially since it got cold out, but we really had a nice time. We didn't stay out terribly late, probably just late enough to get home safely. Besides, they were starting karoake so we had to get out of there or listen to bad singers sing bad songs.

Today, we met up with my in-laws at a restaurant for lunch. It turned out rather well since one of my sisters in law didn't show up with her 3 hellion kids. The other sister in law is getting married soon. They are planning on a St. Patricks Day wedding in Jamaica, where my wife and I got married (not the same resort, though). They tried to plan a wedding here and soon realized how much less a headache it is to just run away. I'm very happy for them. My wife and I still want to get back to Jamaica, maybe in a year and a half on our tenth anniversary. That would be nice.

It was supposed to get above freezing today, but I don't think it did. It sure didn't feel like it anyway. I didn't see much, if any, sun today either. Damn weatherman...

The Badgers play tonight, so I will put my feet up and enjoy that game. Tomorrow I will temporarily be a Cowboys fan. Well, not really. I just hope Favre fails miserably, but I'm not bitter (ha!). Eff Favre and the Vikes. I hate to say it, but I wish the worst for him now. On second thought, I don't hate to say it!

Have a nice Weekend!

Happy Birthday, Kate! I Love You!

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