Saturday, November 28, 2009

UDO is on Tour

U.D.O. has opened their 'Dominator' Tour in Oslo a few days ago on Monday. Here are the opening two songs for the show, as well as being the opening two songs on the new album. Good stuff, not even the best they do.

It is with a far-fetched wish that I ever get to see them. I feel fortunate that I've seen Accept twice on the Metal Heart tour, back in '85 or so. Back then I was aware of who I was seeing, and appreciative of their music (They - Kicked - A$$!!)! But this band is not american, and not appreciated here. So, of course they play where they are, essentially the other side of the earth. To be able to enjoy Udo and Stefan, with Fitty, Igor, and Francesco, right in front of me playing... well, that would be about as good as the Ace Frehley show to me. They Rock!

Really, I never thought I would go to an Ace Frehley solo show here in Madison, since that would be something good for me (things don't usually happen for me like that). U.D.O. would be a band that I would love to see, but never expect to. W.A.S.P., as well, spends most time overseas these days (I saw them on their first big tour with KISS, in late 1984 I think. Americans seem to be missing out on some good things, however, everything is so niched these days that ... yada yada my opinion is long past irrelevant and I've had too many drinks to explain.

I'm gonna like the music I like and appreciate the rare live performances that I find fewer and farther that much more.

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