Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sick Day

A rare middle-of-a-weekday post here. If I'm bored later I may do another Pic Dump.

I left work early yesterday, and stayed home sick today. Sunday night I slept for over 9 hours, went to work as usual, but had a real hard time functioning. More than usual for a Monday morning, anyway. Within a few hours it was evident I wasn't feeling well, so I went home and proceeded to sleep for about 4 more hours. No fever last night, though it felt like it.

This morning I started out feeling ill so I stayed home. I think I'm feeling better now but it comes and goes. I tried napping again, but I think I'm all slept out for now. I've been taking Airborne ("no more than 3 times per day") since I got home yesterday. I've been using this product as needed for a couple of years now, and I think it helps alot.

What is unusual though, is that this is the second time I can recall that using this seems to be heading something off. My symptoms have not progressed past head and body aches, and a little nausea. The kind where I am most comfortable being very still, staring at the TV.

Another theory is about the (regular) flu shot. I received mine about 2 weeks ago. If my memory serves, I went through the other situation last year similarly after the flu shot. (Before then, my employer at the time didn't offer it.) Maybe some sort of reaction and all my preventive medicine is for naught? I don't know.

All I know for sure is that come hell or high water I must be back at work tomorrow, or else I need a doctor's note and I won't get my holiday pay. I'm (hopefully) feeling better already!

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Kelly said...

Hope you are feeling better! :)