Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloweekend Recap

First of all, the Badgers looked great blowing out Purdue and the Packers looked bad in losing to the Vikings again. Acknowledged. I'm not making this a sports blog, so that's enough of that.

Saturday night we went to Terry's house for horse devours, before all heading out to the Hodie in Middleton to spend Halloween. Almost everyone went with the pirate theme. Mrs Scoakat and I abstained this year. Of course, I forgot my camera so no funny pics to share. We got to Terry's place a little later than everyone else because I wanted a nap after the Badger game. Otherwise we were to be picked up at 4:30 and would have gotten a cab back later with B & Z, who live just a few blocks away from us. Since no cab, I stayed below the limit and finished with water so I could get us home alive. Probably a very good thing, otherwise we could have been out for up to 10 hours. Too long.

On Sunday, the Packer game was a late 3:15 start, which I usually hate but I had things to do. Things involving leaves. I raked the whole yard for the second time this fall, and cleaned the eaves troughs. The only leaves that I've put to the curb, though, are just the front yard leaves. Still a big pile for such a small front yard. In back I found other uses for the leaves. There's a square pile of leaves behind the garage where we plan to put in a garden next year. Others went to the base of bushes and along the back fence where all hostas and ferns grew in the summer.

So it was almost noon when I finished, and Mrs S and I were to go shopping for a snow thrower/blower/whatever and out to lunch. Unfortunately, Mrs S was still a bit under the weather, but hungry so we did go get lunch locally. Then I had a recurring nightmare... oh nevermind, that was the Packers game.

I hope you had a nice weekend (overall) as well!
... and yes, I purposely misspelled hors d'oeuvres.

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