Monday, August 3, 2009


We had a few people over on Saturday for just a little housewarming/meet the neighbors kind of thing. Some neighbors did show others didn't, but I did kind of rely on word of mouth through the neighbors I do know and talking to others when I would see them out. Most all I've met seem very very nice. I say most because of one who has already made an enemy of us.

Same thing for friends, some showed and a few didn't. That's okay, we didn't require an RSVP so had no idea what to expect. At 4:00, one person had shown up, I was getting nervous. Then shortly after much more began arriving. Some left early, some showed up later, some we enjoyed the whole time! It was over by 8 or 8:30, as I recall, darkness had arrived and it was getting a bit chilly.

Overall I think it turned out well. We had plenty of food with not much left over, I think I got about a case too much beer, though. Oh well, leftovers!

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