Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chicken, Friends, Football

Hello, just a middle of the week blog post here. Not much going on, just the usual daily grind. My wife is cooking a whole chicken, so tonight I eat well!

We're having friends over Friday night for the Green Bay Packers game. It's a late start, 9:00 pm, so I hope to get a short nap in first. (Is that me showing my age?) I'm looking forward to it! Pizza, beer and NFL Football! My only concern is that we have no real good seating in one room for entertaining. We have our two recliners and the dining table and chairs. I guess we'll see what happens. Perhaps we'll all alternate as the game progresses, or the girls may go out on the porch to talk, we'll figure it out.

Speaking of football, the Wisconsin Badgers should be starting soon. I followed them as much as I could, but for the last couple of weeks I've been burnt out on the "filler" type articles on little known kids that have yet to do anything. Sorry, just prioritizing what junk I fill my brain with every day. Still, once it becomes game week, count me all in!

Have a good week, all, and don't let the supposedly upcoming cooler weather get you down yet! Last I saw forecast was a high in the 60's for this Saturday. That would be kinda cool on the lake.

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Mom said...

HI! I had to catch up on your blogs. I love to read them! I fed your fish and they scarfed it up pretty quick. Hey, great catbox solution!

Love, Mom