Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Happy weekend, all! It's been a busy day so far here. We got up early to take in Mrs. Scoakat's car. Proceeded to the grocery store. Went home, changed and did food prep, and we were on the boat by just after 10:00 am!

We picked up the car from the shop on the way home, about 3 o'clock. (Bigger repairs, unfortunately. Exhaust, tune-up, and a few other things.) I love being on the water. It is relaxing, but I'm still tired when I get home, so next on the agenda is a nap. After all, I must be good to go again by 7:00!


Yes, tonight is finally Packers football. It's always such a long wait until next season, I don't even care that it's just a pre-season game. Watching baseball is mostly just biding time til football season starts.

I wanted to do a project in the basement today to help address the catbox situation, but that will have to wait. I might get it done tomorrow, but there are already plans made for tomorrow as well. I plan on putting the catbox just off the stairs, on a shelf. Sounds easy, doesn't it? It is a bit of a project to do, though.

Now, about that nap...

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