Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, I'm trying to find my way about. Anyways, since I'll probably tell my mom about this soon (and she will tell others, as is meant to happen), I will try to post about our house search for now. We have looked at about 9 houses, and actually put in an offer for one that was turned down. That's okay, we have a real estate agent that has impressed me so far. She seems to work very hard and seems very good at what she does- and came highly recommended.
We have a new list to work with now, and will probably look at alot of houses Friday afternoon and this weekend. I think we may find something out of this next group of homes. Thankfully not as rushed now, we extended our lease by a month so we have until May 31 to close. In fact, if I keep this up with our search I may let her know about this after the fact so she can see our thought process through all this.
Hmm, Blogging may have its good points, after all. Already it seems just a little fun. Maybe..

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