Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Week

Well, sorry, I've gone too long without a regular post. But this is what it usually is, nothing much happening.

As for the house, we signed a bunch of papers at the bank this past week, but just waiting for the most part. We have to call utilities this week to set things up for the new place, and decide on an actual moving day. We have over a month to leave the apartment, and can get into the house in the middle of the month. Alot to do, just not quite time to do anything yet. We have started packing, but that will go fast once we can get into the house. We plan to move things like glass, picture frames, and the computer, by ourselves pretty much right after closing. Then let the movers get all the big stuff and regular boxes.

I did call in to Dr V's show Friday night. But it was late and I was exhausted. It was really hard to hear him on the phone as well. I was the only caller this show, but he did have a piano theme going. Actually, I think he sells himself short on the piano. No, he's no pro, but there is alot more to music than technical accuracy. My varied tastes in music point that out obviously, to me anyway.

And please, feel free to leave any comments, I'd like to know if somebody is listening out there. I know a few people check. But Mike, Gary, Scott, Lane, and anyone who hasn't checked in, please feel free. It should be simple: see my post on commenting. First names only is a good policy, this is the internet after all. No registering or anything is required!

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Kelly said...

I always check, don't always have time to write. Like to get updates on you guys and the house situation! :) It's moving along...can't wait for the housewarming party! J&L say hi!