Saturday, November 24, 2018

Home on the NEW Range

We finally replaced the range in the kitchen.  It had been a long time coming.  The old electric stove and oven was, well, old - very old.  My wife is quite the cook and knew exactly what she wanted to replace it, a gas range with a double oven.  This range has essentially been picked out for almost a year, but appliances go on sale in November so we waited and saved hundreds of dollars.

It was scheduled to be delivered early afternoon on Wednesday, so I got an early start to the weekend to wait for it to arrive.  The delivery men were in and out in short order and we had our new range!  Of course, there were a couple issues.  There always seems to be, for us.  Nothing terribly major.

Months ago we had our plumber extend the gas line to once again come up behind the range.  It had been removed long ago to install the outlet for the electric range.  But, he installed it with a fitting that is not normally used for gas ranges.  The installers luckily had adapters to use but that made the connection too big to get the range against the wall as close as it should be.  Now, we've used the same plumber since we got the house and while they have done some good work for us they've also done some questionable work for us, so after this we are ready to move on and try another local plumber.  This week I will find one and schedule them to get the gas connection sorted and possibly moved so we can push the range in farther.  (While they're here I may also have them look at some minor leaks by the utility sink downstairs.)

Also, both the new refrigerator and the new range (both LG) have the same type of electrical plug where the cord goes straight down, parallel to the wall instead of perpendicular.  I'm sure it's meant to stay out of the way when pushing the appliance in, but that means you can't use two of the same type of plug in one regular outlet.  There is space, so I will have to find an adapter to extend the top one out a bit, is all.  So, another upgrade to the kitchen, which Kate finished repainting yesterday.  Next on the kitchen list is flooring, counter tops, and a vent above the range.  All in due time, except for a hanging pot rack I need to build now - ASAP!


delcatto said...

Wow! That looks very modern and able to handle some serious cooking. Is November the month for buying large items, not just Black Friday but the whole month? We are looking at replacing our sink and I was costing it up on-line yesterday. The new parts aren't too bad but getting a decent plumber for a good price is the difficult part. naturally, looking at replacement sinks, taps and waste traps led me to costing up having a whole kitchen installed! I'll stick to the sink for now as the damp course needs to be saved up for.
Happy cooking!

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Declan, it is very nice (and was very expensive). Over here large appliances tend to go on sale in November, nothing really to do with Black Friday. Sorry, I don't think that would include sinks and plumbing parts. And as you said, finding a decent plumber at a good price is the hard part. I'll be making calls to plumbers myself this week. Good luck to us both!

Anonymous said...

Great looking stove!!! I love cooking with gas, but have never had a double-oven! Kate must be very pleased to have an appliance that looks that good and probably can't wait to use the double-oven! Congratulations to you both!
PS.- That looks like an elongated burner in the center? Is that for a griddle?

Scoakat said...

Hi Dan! Thanks, and yes, you can actually see the griddle that came with the range right on the burner in the other pics here. We haven't used it yet, but we've used every other burner and each oven for cooking at least once so far. My wife is very pleased, which pleases me. Next week I have a different plumber coming out to amend the setup.