Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dishwasher Conclusion & Tech Support

DSC00151DSC00152On Thursday I worked for a couple hours in the morning and was home in plenty of time for the installation window I was given.  Before long, I received a call from the installers.  No, they weren't on their way, they were calling to see if I had the dishwasher delivered to the house because they couldn't find it at the store.  No, it's not here, they said they would look further and call back.  I called the store manager that helped me out last week and left him a message.  This had to get done today.  Soon they called back, they found it under a different sales number, probably the original.  I called and left a message for the manager that they found it, I never did get a call back from him but he may have been looking for my dishwasher!

Soon enough the installers were here.  They asked about the prior one as they were removing it, checked it over, and found that it had been wired incorrectly.  They asked if I wanted them to put it back in or install the new one, I said to just go ahead with the new one.  Installation went smoothly and we finally had our fully functioning dishwasher after weeks of hand washing.  The only thing that bugged me, and I let them know, is that when unboxing the new unit they ripped off a rubber flap that hangs down under the door and behind the kick plate.  They said it was just to try and keep noise down but doesn't really do anything but get in the way.  I expressed my displeasure, but accepted the new unit.  They left and I soon had the first load washing. 
DSC00146 b

So, this dishwasher saga is complete.  I still don't feel real good about the transaction, but at least I feel good about the product and the large retail establishment.  The installation crews, on the other hand, I don't feel good about.  The first crew installed it incorrectly and the second took a liberty with my product that I did not appreciate.  But it is done.

                                   *                      *                      *                      *

Display correct
What you should see.
Shortly before they arrived to install the dishwasher I initiated contact with Microsoft tech support.  I've mentioned here a few times how a recent (well, before the holidays) Windows update changed my display to darker than it should be and I had no option to make it brighter.  When I restart the computer, I can watch the picture on my lock screen jump from regular to dark as it is starting up.  I've researched online, asked people, and cursed Microsoft under my breath (and aloud) several times.  I just can't fix it.
Display incorrect
What I see - There is no brightness control.

I was put in contact with "Bryan," who seemed confidant we could resolve the issue.  He remoted in on the computer, and I watched as he looked at and tried all the things I did.  He did several scans and things that took time, so I was able to go back and forth from the computer to the dishwasher installers in the kitchen.  Scans found nothing.  Drivers did nothing.  Finally we did a full reinstall of Windows 10.  This was going to take a lot of time so Bryan could not stay, but he was confident this would fix it but I was given a number to call with my case number if not.  After the reinstall - nothing changed.  After several hours the computer was exactly as it was before.  Short of buying a new computer I don't know what else to try.

Update!  When I went to look it up again today for writing this, there is now a note on this help screen:

display note
So it seems they are finally acknowledging that it is not there for some users.  But my monitor is already at 100% brightness.  Now what?  I hate to do it, but I think I'll have to call tech support back again...

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