Friday, December 16, 2016

Weather Gripe

Madison is the tiny white cross in the middle.
Two weeks ago I wrote about our first snow.  It was 5 inches, officially, and we got about the same last weekend.  Now, this weekend, we are having another 'snow event.'  It started snowing early this afternoon and it is forecast to be about 9 inches or so by the time it ends Saturday night.  We'll probably go out to clear the walks either tonight or tomorrow morning (hopefully not both), and then when it finishes up.  Temps have been in the teens and single digits recently, but after the snow we go further  into a deep freeze for a day or two.  What the hell!  Why the weekends?

Yup. Just like riding a bike, here in Wisconsin!  In fact, I'm sure some literally still will.


delcatto said...

It's mild and wet here. More of the same predicted for next week. I am slightly envious but also very relieved as work next week will be busy and snow won't help. Keep warm and more power to your shovelling.

Scoakat said...

The thing is, it gets less shocking to me every year. I'm getting old. I've dealt with this every one of my years. Every single year. It actually is like riding a bike, you never forget.
And you can't do anything about it so you just roll with it as it comes. Bitching about it is just a Wisconsin pastime.