Sunday, September 6, 2015

Local Road Paint*

20150905 027
*Updated 9/7, click 'Read More' at the end!

While we approve of and support most all local community and neighborhood projects we are not usually directly involved.  But we do appreciate our neighbors' efforts in bringing the community spirit to our neighborhood.  I noted long ago how our neighborhood seemed like one in transition from older, long-time residents to younger couples with growing families.  It has become quite like that but they are also very active with the community and each other to improve the place we all share.  How can we not like that?  My wife and I do not have kids and are otherwise pretty private so while we do support neighborhood and community projects and charities it is mostly with moral and sometimes financial support.  That being said, our neighborhood created a beautiful thing yesterday while I was trimming trees - as told in the last post.

20150905 021The road was closed in front of our house yesterday as many members of the greater neighborhood got together and painted the street.  It even made the local news and papers today because painting a street is actually very unusual.  This has been a couple years in the making, from individuals getting the idea in their heads and sharing with others, then getting our alderman to introduce a law to allow streets to be painted, to getting a design approved - it is abstract as no symbols or words are allowed - and actually receiving a city grant to help facilitate it happening.  I think we have some active and motivated younger families in this neighborhood and we are very happy and appreciative to benefit from them and their work.

20150905 024I talked to a few of the neighbors as we were in and out that morning, and waved as I carried loads of branches to the curb.  I actually would not have minded helping with the painting yesterday afternoon but for my normal physical deficiencies that acted up after the tree stuff.  I don't feel too bad, all those young dads on the street are younger and more fit than me!  When I was finished with all my trimming, neighbor Dave and I did stroll down to the corner to view their progress and visit for a bit.  They were down there until almost dark last night painting, eating, socializing and cleaning up.  Today, with the road still closed off, they have been having fun with a kiddie pool and squirt guns and kids all over the road.

Seems like a nice bit of fun and I'm happy we live here and now.

*Updated:  I strolled down and took these pics late this afternoon, Monday, September 7, Labor Day.

20150907 023

20150907 025

20150907 026

20150907 027

20150907 028

20150907 030


Mom said...

Wow, that is really cool. It is beautiful!! What a great idea!

Scoakat said...

Now updated with pictures of the finished painting!

delcatto said...

That is wonderful. I like that it brings the neighbourhood together & kids feel a sense of belonging having added to their environment.

Mom said...

Love that idea and all the pics you took. It looks really great! Love it!

Kel said...

Very cool!

Blue Witch said...

Children. Yuck. Mind you, I guess that their 'failings' did provide me with a good living for 30 years...

Interesting painting - I've not seen anything like this before. What happens in a couple of years whenit needs re-painting?

Scoakat said...

Hi everybody!
BW, it was painted with road paint from the city and the neighbors plan to touch it up every year, and I'm sure they will. I might even help out! The small trees along the creek were planted by them last year - my wife helped dig one of the holes, and they had a wildflower planting day along the creek earlier this year, too.