Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Firepit And Basement Stands

20150919 009b
We had a firepit on Saturday night, our first one of the year.  We had planned a firepit party twice in the last couple of months but both times turned out to be among the hottest days of the year.  We still had the party but we never lit a fire,  we just stayed inside in the air conditioning.  Now that Fall is here - or will be in a day or two - we should have better weather for it.

20150922 001
With friends over I had the help I needed to get the washer and dryer into place on the new stand. The freezer is already on it's little stand, left.  If you take a look you can see how I also have the metal shelves up on wood and the bottom shelves painted with the same mold and mildew proof paint.  We've not had any water in the basement in quite some time now, and when we do it just trickles to the drain, but it has been damp enough down there for me to raise, replace and paint the bottom shelves after mold had grown on the bottom side a couple years ago.

20150922 005The washer/dryer stand is pretty cool.  It's only 12 inches high but makes a world of difference getting laundry in and out - or will.  I've been busy (okay - lazy on Sunday, but that's what Sundays are for!) since then so I finally got them balanced and hooked up again tonight.  Essentially, the stand doubles the height of the opening from when they were on the floor.  And that means a lot when you have a back like mine, but I still keep an old office chair down there so I don't bend so much.

Last night we went to another Heritage Series Craft Brew Dinner at Dexter's Pub.  This time we had 6 in our group.  It was fun but I do have my complaints.  I'll write about it later, I've got stuff to do tonight other than more writing so that will probably be my next post.  See ya then!


Blue Witch said...

Excellent idea! Are front-loading machines more popular in the US now? Am I right in thinking that at one time it was top loaders, whereas in the UK we've always been front loaders?

Scoakat said...

Hi BW!
Yes they are more popular, at least I would think for new machines being sold. I could be wrong. We got them for the efficiency, the washer uses very little water. We even use a detergent meant for cold water so we don't wash anything in hot.

Blue Witch said...

Ah... wisdom over here now is that towels and bed linens should be washed at 50 or 60 degrees C due to the bacteria build up if you only wash in cold water.

Scoakat said...

I told my wife what you said, BW, and she said the cold water detergent we use is designed to kill that bacteria in cold water. And we always have the option to wash in hot when we see fit. Thanks for letting me know, though!