Friday, June 19, 2015

Craft Brew Dinner #3

20150615_200547Once again we enjoyed one of  Dexter's Pub's Heritage Series dinner events, their 5th overall - the second one was canceled and we skipped the third one (Goose Island Brewery) because we didn't care much for the menu.  It happened this past Monday evening, I just totally forgot to write about it all week.  We were once again joined by my friend Ted, and we ran into a co-worker of his and his wife/girlfriend.  They were a very nice couple, fun and talkative, easy to like.  The brewery featured this month was Alaskan Brewing Co. so the food kind of followed an Alaskan theme with salmon pate and bear sausage among the dishes.  Overall  a good 6 courses, we were satisfied and full by the end.  I wasn't even able to finish the chocolate pound cake that was for dessert!  Ted's friends had a good idea, they brought to-go containers to take some of the food home.  Of course, Dexter's Pub has to-go containers anyway but I've never thought to use them at one of these dinners.

The beers we tried were good but nothing exceptional.  There were two IPAs, one a double IPA that I just couldn't get down.  My wife and I are not hops fans normally and I found the double IPA to be very perfume-y for my taste.  There were no sour beers at this dinner (but we had a couple last night at Malt House, including an 18 dollar, 750 ml bottle of local New Glarus Brewing's Serendipity.)  I guess I'm really starting to like the sour beers.

The Alaskan Brewing Company's representative was a young woman, Megan, who had her two kids there to 'help' and her parents showed up late as the dinner was beginning.  It actually wasn't terribly annoying, but in my opinion I would have liked a bit more professionalism.  We were spending 45 bucks a head for dinner, after all.  I enjoy when they give you more history of the brewery and the beers they serve you.  One brewery even had a slide show of the brewery and such playing on a nearby TV and the rep would point out certain things as he discussed them.  There was no free pint glass for us like the other dinners, but she did do some trivia and gave away some brewery swag and Dexter's gift certificates.  Overall another very nice dinner.  Probably ranks third of the three we have been to, but still a very good time.

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