Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bizarro Immigration

While I was without my desktop I still came across a few things I would have liked to post or write about had I had my computer.  Mostly my usual odd reposts, but one thing still stands out to me that I wanted to repost, enough so that I even emailed the author to get permission.  That was about a month ago now.  See, we've had an election since I'd been away, too, so politics reared it's ugly head and took over all media for some time.  I'm not apolitical, but I do not consider it my strong suit.  When I hear or read something that I agree with I clearly know it and sometimes wonder how anyone else cannot understand it like me.  I'm sure most people get that feeling and most probably do not agree with my views, but I like knowing there are others out there who generally do think like me.

I've been a Dan Piraro (Bizarro) fan for a long time now and for the last several years I have been following his blog.  He does more than post his daily comics, he has a bit of fun and shares just enough that you know what kind of guy he is - and I really like the guy (or at least his sense of humor!).  Here is his post on immigration, with comic, from November 6 that struck a nerve with me:

"If you find yourself tempted to believe that any substantial amount of America’s problems are being caused by illegal aliens, remind yourself that historically this is an ancient technique by dishonest governments to shift blame. And it almost always works. In this case, the corporations who run our country and their puppet politicians say, “Yes, things are lousy, but it isn’t our fault. It’s their fault!” Then they point to illegals, gay marriage, abortion clinics, terrorists, climate change scientists, whatever “other” they can find to unite the rest of us against something other than those in charge. Don’t fall for it. You’re smarter than that."

Dan Piraro, Bizarro Comic Blog
November 6, 2014

I encourage you to give him a visit at the link above or in the right column!  His new website is a work in progress at the moment, it will be better soon, I'm sure.

While I'm on the subject of comics, one of my all-time favorites is after the break!

This Garfield comic (from February 12, 2005) always cracks me up!

On a side note, I got the Bizarro Jazz Pickle #3 t-shirt in the mail on Thursday.  It came damaged, the bag was ripped and the shirt was discolored and scuffed.  I emailed Teespring about it so I really hope I can get it replaced.

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