Sunday, August 24, 2014

Friday's Feast

20140822 004
Hot Ham and Swiss sliders
We had some friends over Friday night to watch the Packers' preseason game against Oakland and have a fire in the back yard.  Well, many could not make it for one reason or another and it was really hot and humid, so the fire pit got nixed.  But Kate made a great spread of food again!

20140822 013
Pepperoni and String Cheese egg roll wraps
She also had potato skins ready to put together but wound up not making them because there was plenty of food already for the people who did come over.  They're in the freezer now for the next get-together for a football game.  Besides the pictured, she also put out 3 different kinds of popcorn, and there were tortilla chips and a cheese dip that she made in the fondu pot.  I got stuffed - and we had plenty of leftovers that we were eating yesterday.

Both  of the foods on the right were found at Do It And How, thanks Krisgo!

It's been business as usual, otherwise.  I have less overtime next week, so that's good.  Maybe more posting, maybe not.  It's hard to post when you have nothing new, funny or odd to share.

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