Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wild Child by Nightwish

After writing for here every day for a week I have taken over a week off.  Nothing new, except maybe one girl we know having an affair with a friend of mine then wanting a divorce from her husband with a baby on the way from her new beau and kicking her husband out of the house so the new guy can move in all in about 2 months time, no, nothing going on but for work keeping me busy with mandatory overtime.  So until I have more time and energy, know that we are well, and still holding out for springtime.

Here, enjoy two of my favorites at once, Nightwish performs the WASP song 'Wild Child.'


delcatto said...

I'd say ditto apart from the work bit. I currently haven't a lot to say and illness this past week has seen me 'enjoying' duvet days. Hopefully good weather will arrive soon and we can all emerge into the sunlight!

Scoakat said...

Agreed! We finally had a few days above freezing, now we're headed back into the deep freeze.