Friday, February 7, 2014

Alabama Vacation Pic Dump

Well, everything I wrote about happened even if the order might be a bit fuzzy.  My brain is foggy enough on its own, but going back to work after a full week off has fried it pretty good this week.  Enjoy the pictures, I took the liberty of captioning them because, you know, I'm just that kind of guy!  And I captioned all 34 pictures, so it's like another, usual length, pictorial blog post!
Happy Friday, everyone.

All pics are after the break.

20140125 046
The Florida shore as we come in to land at Pensacola.

20140125 059
Dead center!

20140125 063
The whole side of the building floor, front to back, was the condo.

20140125 065

20140125 067
Dan and Mom, um, discussing something maybe?

20140125 088
Looking west.

20140125 091
Waves.  Um hm.  Waves.

20140125 094
We're in the left building here.

20140125 104
Tacky Jack's!

20140125 109
Mobile Bay Ferry

20140125 129
Mom posed this picture.  She's into corner shots now.

20140125 136
The platform referred to on the ferry, I posted the informative sign.  It was interesting, go back and read it....NOW!

20140125 142

20140125 144
Look.....  plaaaanes...  That's a sub in the left background.

20140125 149
Ships, submarines, tanks, planes, guns, helicopters and more.  Might be worth the day trip and tour if given the chance again.  Or maybe not.

20140125 152
Dan, by the lazy (unused) river

20140125 157
Kate, checking out the hot tub.  We would use it a couple days later.

20140125 167
Looking for dolphins?

20140125 175

20140125 177
I'm not sure how a pile of sand beside the road is supposed to help, unless they had one every hundred feet and a guy with a shovel and section of road.

20140125 183
Look at the ice.  And we couldn't get more south in Alabama unless we went to the other side of the condo!

20140125 184
The gulf waters were warmer than the air.

20140125 190
An evening in.  Heck, the city was shut down anyway.

20140125 192
Icy roads, balconies, and tennis courts.  Wait 'til you see the pool!

20140125 212
Look for Dan on the balcony!  Hint, right side, 5th balcony up, yellow shirt.

20140125 215
Dead jellyfishes.

20140125 226
Dan and Mom again.  I must like sneaking up on them and taking pictures of their backs.

20140125 228
Dan, preparing a wonderful spaghetti dinner.

20140125 232
There it is!  Ice on the pool!

20140125 241
It was a bit chilly for a dip, that's for sure.

20140125 254
Mom and Dan looking out. 

20140125 264
West, from the top floor.  25th if I remember ritght.

20140125 268
East from the top floor.  Dan and I went up there to listen to the garbage drop 25 floors.  It was cool.

20140125 283
And one last goddamn Waffle House on our way out of town.  Really, how many do you need down there?


Blue Witch said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your trip. Still can't believe the ice on the pool and the icicles on the balconies!

Scoakat said...

Thanks BW. It was their worst weather in 30 years, but it was still warmer than back home!

delcatto said...

It looks just the place to relax... I nearly said 'chill out'! Astonishing to see the ice though.

delcatto said...

I google mapped Alabama coastline so as to see the geography of the place. Houses on stilts... experience and knowhow! It looks a great place to visit and I now know where Biloxi is.

Scoakat said...

I believe they are getting similarly bad weather down there again. I'd call my mom but they have other guests now.