Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sorry, We're Closed

This is the sort of political ineptitude and misbehavior that is too common and inexplicably accepted these days.  Whiny spoiled brats refusing to accept anything other than their own way.  Hell, look at the crap we had to accept with W in charge.  But no, some stubborn fools just seem to like conflict, creating it seems like a major part of the republican agenda.  Why is this classless, embarrassing, unsportsmanlike and should-be-illegal behavior tolerated from those who are chosen to lead some of us?  Peacocking, threatening, falsely flabbergasting, and out and out lying.  They make me sick.

I can't believe politics actually made me put finger to key, whiskey helped.  Hmmmph! ...Idiots.
*updated 10-3 - My hyperlinked pic disappeared due to a server switch at that great B&P site.  Jonco will be back in full over there shortly.

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