Monday, April 15, 2013

Weather Or Not...

Kill the groundhog!  Well, maybe not.  After all, there is no snow or ice anywhere in the yard anymore, though there were visible snowflakes at times over the weekend.  We have been teased now and again with seasonable temperatures but overall are much below average, so it may no longer be winter but it sure doesn't feel like spring yet.  The temperatures are cold, but the big thing has been the rain.

The rain.  Every.  (Expletive deleted).  Day.  From what I saw yesterday, today was supposed to be dry with a good chance of some dry tomorrow.  I had planned on getting soil and working on the garden after work, but before my shift ended there was the rain, pouring down again.  Many of Kate's plants, including strawberries, have already arrived and are waiting in the fridge to be put in the ground.  No, it is not too late to start the garden yet, and the nursery she ordered from had no idea it would rain every day, yet the plants are here and plants require planting.

What can you do?  Now they're saying tomorrow will be dry, do I believe them?  Their 7 day forecasts have been changing so much I don't know why they bother, now even one day out they have no clue.  Sigh.  We can just hope for the best, I guess.

That's it.  Just a gripe about the weather.  I hope things are more pleasant and seasonable wherever you are.  PTFO

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