Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting Started On Spring Projects... Finally

The weather has finally turned more seasonable around here, though we still need that cleansing rain I talked about.  I was hoping for it yesterday but all we got was a few sprinkles.  There is rain forecast off and on this week so that will help.

20130407 001I got outside today and got some cleanup and caulking done on the garden, you can read more about that over at my garden blog.  Aside from that I installed another 4x6 at the back end of the garage (top of photo) that mimics the one in front.  The time to get started on this project is soon, removing and washing the rock, putting down a weed barrier and stepping stones, then putting the rock back around the stepping stones.  The piece of 4x6 was left in the garage, I'm sure it was left over from when the landscaping was done years ago.  It fit in neatly around the peony that now will be coming up in the corner of that area.

We don't use this as a path usually, but this area attracts weeds and ferns and since there is no gutter on the garage we can't really fill it with plants.  Stepping stones and the rocks will catch the water and prevent erosion.

Bonus pic of naught kitty destruction after the break!

The other day, Kate finished rinsing the water bottles that we reuse for work, then we stepped out for a smoke.  I came back in first and immediately heard a loud racket from the kitchen.  I took one look and my jaw dropped.  I ran for the camera.  Kate came in right after I took the pic.  Bad kitties, very very bad kitties!
20130405 001

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