Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Green Fairy Dreams

Last night we met our friends Bridget and Zubin at the Malt House for a few drinks.  Having the next day off, I eventually had some of the absinthe, Livid was the brand.  Bridget took photos, but it seems that uploading all those pictures from my Mom's retirement party to flickr has put me over the limit for the time being, so this is just a similar pic from the internet. 

I've had absinthe a couple times before, but never for an evening.  I had two last night and still drove home easily.  One of these days when I have the time - and extra cash - I think I would like to see what it is like to drink absinthe exclusively one night and see how I like it.  Maybe I won't write the next great american novel or even paint the latest greatest masterpiece, but it might be a nice drunk!

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