Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Kitties!

My sister in law, Allison, brought us our new kittens late this morning (she's on the board of and does a lot of volunteer work for a local cat rescue organization).  I think I mentioned here that we were looking to get two male sibling kittens, and that is what we have!  Sorry, this isn't the best picture - I'll get better pics later, but they're either moving too fast to get a good picture or else they're napping a lot, like kittens do.  They have the run of the house but most often stick to a corner area of the living room.  They know where their food and water are, and they know where the litter box is but they haven't used it yet.  No 'accidents' that we know of, but I will feel better when they use the box a first time.  Mostly we have been having fun with them and watching them for most of the day.

Kate has a history of bad cat names (Kitty, Puddy, etc.) so it was up to me to name them.  After I did some research for ideas we decided on Basil and Hamish - though we just got them and we reserve the right to change them in the next couple of weeks if we wish.  Basil, asleep in the pic, is slightly bigger and has one white ear, Hamish is a few ounces less and has more color, less white.  They have to be at least 2 pound before we can get them fixed and I think Basil was 1 pound 14 ounces and Hamish was 2 or 3 ounces less when they were weighed this morning.  Sorry, kitties, but it will have to be done.

Our last cats we each brought into the relationship, and the cats were different ages, sexes, and temperaments and barely tolerated each other.  Also, every female cat I have ever known has been some degree of antisocial, psychotic, not-fun type of cat.  So this time we wanted two males for the better temperament (when fixed), and preferably siblings so they would actually like each other hopefully for a full lifetime.  It will be different for us to have two 'normal' cats, but we sure look forward to the adjustment!


Kel said...

Aww so cute. I'm sure they will keep you entertained for a long time!

Scoakat said...

Thankfully they keep each other entertained much of the time!

Anonymous said...

now get some mice and let em loose in the house!!

Kevin L.

Scoakat said...

Don't need mice, they mostly wrestle with each other and nap. And if they're not wrestling each other they have been trying to get their own tails!
They are only about 6, maybe 7 weeks old so they find new things every day still.