Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friends, Fathers and Maybe A Nap

We had a very nice small gathering of good friends last night for food, drinks and a fire.  It is nice to do, but preparation is an all day affair.  Yes, my wife does most of it, but it still occupies our whole day.  I'll feel better about it after I get to take a vacation, if I don't drop dead first.

I didn't take many pictures so I missed half the people and got none around the fire.  But look!  I got a picture of Zubin (far right) acting natural instead of avoiding the camera!

Today is Father's Day so my wife's dad came over this afternoon and we grilled out a tenderloin.  After last night I am exhausted so thankfully not much was asked of me.  I added a bunch of music to my itunes, posted over at my garden blog (link on the right) and now here to get caught up on everything.  Now the only question is if I nap or not.  TTYL

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