Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Plumbing Problems

It was not too long ago that we had to get a new toilet installed and now, of course right after the holidays, we need a new kitchen faucet.  The original plan was to eventually get a new faucet, install shutoff valves under the sink, put in an undersink water filter and buy and hook up a dishwasher.  Now that the faucet has gone, our plans have been rushed a bit.  We have a plumber here now installing the valves, dishwasher hookup and new faucet (and sprayer).  Saved for later are the water filter and, of course, the dishwasher, the two most expensive parts of this project.

I've always hated plumbing, but with the upgrades today we will be in better shape later to add the things we want.  I might even be able to handle the filter installation myself, but the dishwasher is a bigger project that I may need help with.  Both are projects for a later date.  We now have lots of things around this house we wish to upgrade or get.  *Sigh*, all in due time....

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