Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Driving, 4 Months Later

I'm driving again!  When we got home tonight I hobbled around my truck cleaning off two snowfall's worth of snow.  I just drove around the block, pausing to reset my radio stations, then back home.  But I was comfortable driving.  I could probably have driven a week or two ago but I wasn't comfortable yet, meaning I didn't trust my leg to react.  On the right is some random pic off the internet.  I picked it because, except for the main thoroughfares, the good roads here look like that.  The side roads, while plowed, are still very much snow covered, or packed.  That includes our street.  The snow on the side of the road, though, is about 2 feet less than what we have here.  I think we had 15.7" so far this month, not including last night's blanket of snow.  Which reminds me to thank my wife for shoveling the whole driveway and sidewalks again all by herself.  Thanks, hon! 

Anyway, after 4 months of not driving I get to drive in this.  I'll do just fine, it just stinks is all.

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