Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pic Dump 18

When I started these pic dumps they had twenty something pics.  Recently they have been about 50ish per post.  This one may be a few more.  Notice the bacon related pics, I still find them even though I posted a Bacon Pic Dump recently.  The only other specialty pics I'm saving up are people in animal costumes.  A while ago I asked my wife, Kate, what pics she found funny.  She told me that people in animal costumes are always funny, so I'm still accumulating those pics for a future post.  Those pics aren't as common as you might think, either, so I may cheat a little.  That's just a tease for that future post...

As for now, here are more pics than you deserve, that I spent too much time collecting, and no one cares about (other than my sister, Hi Kel!).  Some pics nsfw after the break, so get an efffin' sense of humor.. and... Enjoy!

More after the break, click the pic for actual size.


1 comment:

Kel said...

Yes, I see and I like! :) Hope you are doing good!