Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bathroom Scrimmage

My wife was up early this morning cleaning while I slept as late as I could.  I eventually got up about 9:30 or so, showered, and waited for her to leave to go out to lunch with family.  Then, I started on the bathroom.

A couple weeks ago my wife removed the wallpaper, and last weekend we got the paint, so now I had to actually get things done to get ready to paint.  I scraped the walls to remove any loose drywall and clean up the little wallpaper leftovers, also to clean up the sealant around the shower so I could redo that, too.  So, well, that was the rest of day.  Spackle, let it dry, sand, repeat.

All that's left for this weekend is to finish the sealer around the shower/tub and paint the ceiling.  Then some night this week we will tape up everything and paint the walls.  I've not done a lot of painting where I really cared too much about quality.  Even when I worked part time at Ace I avoided the paint counter.  Now I'm doing our own bathroom in our own house so I want it to be perfect.  And as fun as this is, we will be doing the same to the kitchen very soon after this is done!

On a side note, the Packers had their Family Night Scrimmage tonight.  I watched it on TV like I do every year and it was as boring as it always is every year.  It's nice for families to see the team in Lambeau when they otherwise wouldn't during the season or even preseason, but it is just a glorified practice and pretty boring on television.  All it really means is that real football is almost here!  (The Hall of Fame game is tomorrow night!)

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Kel said...

I saw it, it looks like fun! Maybe you should take your niece and nephew to it sometime. ;) Hint, hint. lol!