Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation, Day 5: The Garage

I slept past 7 this morning, only with the help of taking a sleeper last night.  Why can't I ever sleep 8 straight hours?  Oh well, that's another post.  I managed to take my time getting up, though.  This morning I finished my Grandma post and set about getting the garage in order by about by about 10:00.  I stopped only twice before wrapping it up after 5:00 tonight.  I had to take my truck in for a repair at 12:30 at a nearby shop.  It took about an hour so I waited across the street and got lunch at a local bar/restaurant that we have been patronizing since we moved into the neighborhood.  The second time was just to update my podcasts so I could continue listening outside.

It was a warm and humid one today, yet I had a great day organizing our garage!  I had a general plan of what I wanted to do, and this is pretty much it.  We have a lot of stuff in the garage still, but now it looks like it belongs there.  Just compare it to earlier pics.

I will post all my pics today in the order I took them after the break, but here is a good view of it when I was wrapping up:

Now I just have to find a home for this stuff.  I think the box shelves will be going in the basement and I want to find someplace outside to keep the wood from the Easter Sunday limb that fell.  The wheelbarrow will hang in the back right as it did before.

My day in pics, 15 total.

One pic removed: I will not post our license plate number!

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Kel said...

Your garage looks great, hope you enjoy the workbench! You are welcome to clean my garage anytime!!