Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Excuses and Promises

Well, there has been hardly any posting here lately and I don't know why.  I haven't been too bored or too busy, just not alot to share, I guess. 

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  To me it was just a tune-up for next week when I'm officially on vacation.  Nine straight days off!  Besides the R&R I have 3 big things to do that week.  First off, my 'Garage Redo' project will get taken care of.  Although my back has been about as good as it gets the last couple weeks, I have been saving this project for my week off instead of using up a weekend.  Secondly, I plan on cleaning all the windows and screens in our 3 season porch.  Easy enough, just time consuming.  And lastly, I plan on a trip to Cuba City to see both of my grandmothers, one probably for the last time (-she hasn't been doing so well lately).  My Sis has been supposed to get back to me on this for a while now, but if I have to I will go alone.  (Get a hold of me, Sis!  The kids help fill in the quiet moments!!)

Aside from those things, I'm sure I'll keep myself as busy as I want to be.  There's plenty more to be done, but not necessarily next week.  This list will also give me good things to post about, a pic dump is due soon, too.  So thanks for checking back even though there hasn't been much going on lately.  I assure you, this space will pick up soon enough!


delcatto said...

Enjoy your week off as well as tending to the chores. I've got a week off as well & plan to enjoy the sunshine.

Scoakat said...

Thanks Delcatto, I hope I do all I want -plus more- but I want my lazy days as well. Have fun with your time off, I'll be checking in!