Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flora Flora Flora!

The plants are coming in nicely in the flowerbeds along the back of the house.  It has filled out moreso than earlier this spring or even last year(look close for this one).

The purple puffburst things, my own term, on the right are starting to bloom.  The peonies, by the drainpipe, already have buds, behind those are 3 day lilies that will bloom orangish flowers all summer.  In the center there will be three different colored Irises that we will enjoy for a relatively short time soon.  Speaking of short time, the lilacs in back (not pictured) are just about peaking, we brought some inside yesterday.  Another purple flowering plant hangs, we bought that and a nice red and white combo hanging plant for by the front door yesterday.  I planted a bunch of petunias in a big pot to go out front.  The petunias along with the hanging flowering plant out front help the look alot, in my opinion.  It looks nice out front otherwise, just kinda boring.  Also not pictured here, the lily of the valley along the garage have come back and are getting ready to bloom as well.  Blooms will be happening everywhere very soon it seems.

It may not be much overall, but it's all ours and we're loving every minute of it!


delcatto said...

Looking good. Hopefully there will now be warm weather for you to enjoy the garden. No matter how much I try I cannot remember the names of plants and flowers. I also call them 'nice purple ones' and 'the large orange petalled ones'.

Scoakat said...

Thanks! The weather is acually pretty good, seasonable, usually in the 60's. The summer hot will get here soon enough so I don't mind waiting to put away my light jackets.

Mom said...

Love your flower gardens and box gardens. I hope to get up there to see them all peak! Great job!