Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Atwoodfest 2019

Dancin' in the Street!
Last weekend was Atwoodfest, the largest of Madison's near east side festivals.  My wife and I spent about 4 hours wandering the streets, watching bands, eating foods and perusing the merchant's wares (and I got my 2019 Atwoodfest shirt!).  We got there relatively early in the afternoon, about 2 pm, and watched as the place soon became more crowded.  The weather forecast during the week called for Saturday to be in the mid-90's with scattered thunderstorms, thankfully that had changed by Saturday to partly cloudy and mid 80's.  Still plenty warm but not as hot as past years, though a cooling shower would have been welcomed a few times.

Believe it or not, I didn't take a whole ton of pictures like last year when I took way too many.  But I did get many interesting sights at the festival and along the way.  The bike path was repaved earlier this year, Goodman Community Center's newly refurbished Brassworks building is completed, Goodman's cow (by the Ironworks building - both locally historic) has been re-painted with an interesting design (my wife laughed at where the raccoons are), there were beautiful wildflowers and community gardens along the path, and that bike display that was new last year in someones front yard was still there, now with a basket of flowers and night lights.

Follow along with the pictures after the break as we walk to the festival and back.  It happens on the last weekend in July every year - make your travel plans now!

Thanks for coming along!  My wife Kate is only in one picture here, I just noticed that, myself.  Bonus points if you can you spot her!  I won't tell but I will confirm or deny.  C'mon you lazy email readers, click the link at the bottom and go to the website to comment!


delcatto said...

Is she in the first picture?
It looks like fun and quite civilised. Sadly over here we'd have feral youths and aggressive drunks causing problems although we attended a youth market a couple of weekends ago in the town centre that was lovely.

Scoakat said...

Nope, not the first picture!
There was no troublemakers that I was aware of, but we weren't there Saturday night, either. Still, there's usually a great sense of community at these things around here. The near east side festivals are put on by neighborhood associations, with plenty of sponsorship.

Blue Witch said...

Ah, finally, the stupid software allows me in to comment.

10th picture down (the one with the blue recycling bin in the bottom lower corner)?

Your events do look so different to ours. Fascinating.

Scoakat said...

Sorry, not that picture either! It's not one of the panoramas.

Sorry BW, do you have a lot of issues with that captcha? I only see it once in a blue moon, otherwise I just have to check the box and comment. I'd turn it off but then the spam comments start.

Blue Witch said...

It's not really the captcha these days - sometimes it doesn't sctually let me in to comment.

Were you there with other people? Reason I ask - I can't find another picture with a female looking like she is alone without someone with her. Well... only one, but I'm fairly sure she's not Mrs Scoakat!

Scoakat said...

It was just my wife and I, though we did see people we know there. Okay, small hint, she looks like she's coming toward the camera! (Or trying to through the people.) Maybe that one you were thinking not?

Blue Witch said...

Hmmmm. My Witchy Powers are desserting me on this one.

Maybe the pic below the one I thought last time? Definitely not that below that one though!!!

Scoakat said...

Desserting - how sweet!

But wrong again. Thanks for playing the game!

delcatto said...

Number 15! I thought it might be 11 but I'll put my low denomination coin of indeterminate provenance on 15.

Scoakat said...

You got it!

I sent BW an email pointing her out, I don't have yours but you can email me at scoakatsblog@gmail.com if you want.