Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Back Shot, Weather and Lawn Rolling

I got shot in my back yesterday, a steroid (not cortisone) and anesthetic to my left S1 nerve root.  So far I feel pretty good, still getting random pains in my butt and tingling in my foot, but they said it may take a couple days and they want me to keep track of it daily for the next two weeks.  I think it helped for now but seems like a short term solution, but we'll see.  Meanwhile, I am to take it easy today and tomorrow I go back to work.  But taking it easy is hard when there are things to do.

20181104 forecastI slept in today, but I've been doing that anyway lately, ran a few errands and made some calls.  The guy is supposed to be coming over soon to roll the lawn so pretty soon I can start on the fire pit as soon as my back is up for it.  Maybe if he gets here before I finish writing this I'll post a picture.  I have nothing left on my agenda today but a few little things and reading the newspaper.

The temperature is about 50ºF right now.  We still have a tiny bit of snow along the back fence and by the garage but it won't last long, even in the shade. Tomorrow it looks as if we may break our long streak here in Madison of not hitting 60ºF since December 4.  If we do we better enjoy it because it doesn't look like we'll hit it again for some time.  The good news is that it is starting to not go below freezing every single night, but look - there is snow in the forecast twice still.  Sigh.

Every year is different, we just have to roll with it.

Speaking of rolling, the guy showed up as I was finishing writing this, see a couple pictures of Jason and a perfectly rolled yard after the break!

Thanks Jason, great job!

20180411_134607 b
Fire pit will be installed right about where the arrow is, as soon as my back and the weather allows.


delcatto said...

Hopefully that will reduce the pain and discomfort for you and allow you to get on with life.
A proper roller! I thought it was going to be one of those hand pushed/ pulled rollers.

Scoakat said...

I still have some issues with tingling in my foot and pain in my upper left butt, off and on. We'll have to wait and see but for now I do feel much better, thank you Declan.

I don't think they make the hand ones anymore, makes for backs like mine, just the ones that attach to a lawn tractor - or a proper roller like this! He did a great job and I've already had friends ask for his contact info.

Scoakat said...

Also, I'm pretty sure we didn't quite get to 60ºF today - the streak continues for us.