Monday, September 4, 2017

September This-And-Thats

I haven't done this too much recently.  I guess it's best not to think about it too much and just start typing and see where I end up.  You know, kind of like the usual.

  • I've been sick with a dreaded summer man-cold, and a nasty one at that.  When I woke up last Wednesday I knew it was inevitable.  I stayed home sick the following two days, and have been recovering the rest of this holiday weekend.  My wife even felt sorry for me, that's how bad I felt at times.  But I should feel mostly better in time for going back to work tomorrow.  Yay.
  • Even though I was under the weather I enjoyed the sun and fresh air out on Terry's boat yesterday, but I did not use sunscreen except on my knees and wound up a little bit sunburned elsewhere.  I guess between the hazy sun, laziness, and wanting a little more color made me throw caution to the wind.  I did switch sides on the boat so at least I'm even!
  • My wife is planning a pretty big party for next weekend.  She likes having people over but this is looking to be quite a big deal.  The week will be spent cleaning and preparing for the weekend.  I've been told to butt out and not worry about anything, which is very hard to do.  Friday night and Saturday will be my biggest contributions, cleaning the garage and preparing the yard.
  • I've been putting together a playlist for the above event.  Other than adding a couple albums to my phone, I just chose music from my phone.  But I do have a lot of music on my phone.  Being selective, I thought, I narrowed it down to well over 300 songs.  Way too many, so I took it down to 200 songs.  Still way too many.  Finally I got it down to 150 songs, less than half of what I started with when I already thought I was being picky.  That's it, I've spent too much time on it already for just background music.
  • I've not had the bike out recently due to this cold, but I had been trying to use it on the weekends.  Just over a week ago I rode a distance to my pharmacy and back.  (Not the closest pharmacy to home but it is on the way to work.)  I was hoping for more but the skies were promising rain.  I have some time off coming up so I'm sure to get a few rides in soon.  And the seasons may allow for riding for some time yet, although probably not in shorts for much longer.
  • I haven't yet flattened the feet or added a brace to the sawbuck of a few posts ago.  I have a board that is perfect for the brace but I'm using it for something else at the moment.  I'll have that other project done in short order once I'm on vacation then can finish the sawbuck.  I've also thrown a hand saw in my car for scavenging more firewood.  Does anyone care about this?  Probably not, but it is already written so it stays.
I can't think of anything else right now.  I haven't posted anything about Hamish and Basil in a while.  Mentioning it here increases the chances of that happening.  Otherwise, stay tuned, I'm bound to do something interesting eventually.

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