Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's Still February, Right?

Here's a sight not often seen here in the middle of February.  The cats have full access to the warm, sunny porch today and have been enjoying every minute of it.  Last fall we expected a harsh, cold and snowy winter.  Here we are now, on this date, in this month, with the snow almost fully melted with high temperatures hovering at or close to 60ºF and more of the same in the forecast.  I'm certainly not going to complain, but it does worry me some.   There's plenty of time for it to be winter still before it becomes spring, but this is pretty unusual.

Today, we slept in - well, I slept in.  My wife is the more responsible one and keeps a more regular daily schedule.  The cats help her with that.  They can be pretty obnoxious about wanting their early morning wet food treat to get her out of bed.  They don't usually ever, or never, bother me in bed, but they don't seem to hesitate to jump all over her.  On weekend nights at home sometimes I tend to stay up too late and drink too much.  I still have fun, but things are so different now with the internet, and it's a lot safer fun than I had on weekend nights 15, 20 or even 30 years ago.  Is that justification for me now being old, tired and boring?  Hmm, maybe, or maybe I just suck at being social now.  Next topic.

It's been over four weeks now since I injured myself coming up the stairs on January 18, and my left shoulder quarter is still giving me problems.  The pain has calmed recently and defined itself to me more.  I'm still having issues with my neck, but I still have a little lump on the outside of my bicep that sends numbness and tingling down my arm and into my hand when I touch it.  And the soreness in my rotator cuff has defined itself now, as my doctor originally diagnosed.  It is notable to mention that I had a left shoulder problem in the summer of 2015.  The PA I saw a couple weeks ago mentioned that was the last time I requested my pain pills.  I have a full physical scheduled for this upcoming week so I'll see the doctor again very soon, I'll just have to see what he thinks then.

I turn 50 this year. I've always known, but I'm starting to realize my mortality even more, and the ramifications of getting older.  It sucks.


delcatto said...

It certainly does suck as the energy and quick recuperation of youth gradually dissipates and it takes longer to recover. That plus the accidents of youth (rugby, cycling accidents, etc...) come back to haunts us as we age. One of the reasons why I prefer quiet nights in with a couple of beers and it is literally two beers as I can't drink any more than that. Take care of yourself and do what you can to reduce the pain and discomfort.

Scoakat said...

Thanks, delcatto. I'm trying to keep my chin up, but this added to the usual list of my physical issues and, well, it has taken a toll on me. But ever forward, it's not gotten any worse.